Black and yellow, black and yellow (and white)


Ice cold baby I told you I'm ice cold


Onda ögat


Electric blue


I’m latching on, babe


Om jag var sporty


Black and Gold


Kärleken till er alltså



I hope my black skin don't dirt this white tuxedo


Viktigt att mobilen klär sig bra också




Grey matter


Mary-kate and Ashley for bikbok


All black everything


Lies on the lips of a priest


I got my freakum dress on


I've got this black suit on


Önskelista från Asos


Blue velvet


Swing my heart across the line


Dead and gone


I got it tattooed on my sleeve forever in ink with guess who’s name


Vänd den ut och in


Glittriga naglar


Boston Tee


Pink candy


Är tydligen sportintresserad nu


It’s my mouth I can say what I want to


The bronx


Stripes n flowers




Flowers in my hair


Young, but I'm not that bold


New watch, good times babe




Leo + Adidas





Cut out